Databases for Students





Social studies super source:

American Government

American History


World Geography

World History: Ancient & Medieval Eras

World History: The Modern Era (last 500 years)

Citations provided.

Translations available in 10 languages.

Links to related articles in text.

Primary source documents.

Photos, illustrations.

Political cartoons, posters.



Comprehensive research sources:

Academic Search Complete

Book Collection

Business Source Completely

Consumer Health Complete


Health Source Consumer Edition

MasterFile Premier

Middle Search Plus

Newspaper Source – Current articles from as recently as last week.

Professional Development Collection

Texas Reference Center

TOPIC Search

Two choices:

Ebsco Explora for wide-based general research

EBSCO Host databases for focused

  • Specific results control
  • Date slider to choose what age articles to see.
  • Citation tools
  • Persistent URL’s
  • Ability to email articles to yourself
  • Articles
  • News

Facts on File

Solid general resources:

Bloom’s Literature

Career Guidance Center

Health Reference Center

History Research Center

Science Online

World Geography and Culture

Citation tools.

Persistent URL’s.

Read aloud option.


Primary sources




Comprehensive research sources:

Academic One File

Gale Virtual Reference Library

General One File

¡Informe! Académico

InfoTrack Newsstand

Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Research in Context

Science in Context

Scribner Writers on GVRL

Student Resources in Context

Twane’s Authors on GVRL

Citations provided in choice of MLA, APA or Chicago.

Translations available in 20 languages.

Links to related articles within texts.

Audio available.

Downloadable into Google Drive and OneDrive.

 NewsBank Historical Newspapers & Current Events

NewsBankHundreds of primary-souce newspapers from 1600 to the present.


Interactive maps

Map collections

National Geographic maps

Reference Atlas

Outline maps

Physical maps

Political Maps

Spanish collections

Britannica Escolar

Spanish language databases

Bases de datos en español

Citation tools

Herramientas de citas