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We are excited to say we have the LARGEST chapter ever of members this year, 66 total! We hope everyone is eager to prepare for their events and take us to State and Nationals!!

  • Open the link to see your event.

  • Mark your calendars for the MANDATORY HOSA meeting on Tuesday, 11/7 at 8 am or 4 pm.

  • EVERYONE needs to print your event guidelines and bring the HARD COPY to the meeting! We will review the material in depth to ensure you are prepared for your event.
  • We will also discuss the required fundraiser J
  • Non testing events will be required to present their prepared material, the week of Dec. 11th to HOSA Advisors to ensure you are working diligently on your project. Individuals/Teams that do not meet the standards of the advisors will NOT be eligible to attend area in Feb.