Course Assignments/Grades


Your Grades will be based on the following criteria:

Daily class rehearsals and home practice (this includes instrument and music folder going home on a DAILY basis).

Any extra rehearsals outside of class; concerts; periodic playing tests in class.

Weekly Goal sheets.

Miscellaneous informal metrics used to assess growth including but not limited to:
     Music Theory
     Individual playing in front of the group
     Master Class playing assignments                

Tests/Quizzes will be given over a variety of materials such as:

A. Technique drills 
1) Scales‑‑major and minor
2) Arpeggios‑‑major and minor 
3) Position and shifting exercises 
4) Rhythm studies 
5) Finger pattern studies 

B. Orchestral music
1) Bowings
2) Tone quality
3) Intonation
4) Style
5) Counting and rhythmical features
6) Precision and articulation
7) Musicality and qualities of interpretation

Concert grades will be based on three areas: 

70 points - for their individual performance

10 points - for being dressed properly and on time to the concert

20 points - for staying to the end of the concert.

*Students who have a conflict and must miss any portion of the concert must produce a parent email, note, or phone call in order to be excused from the missed portion of the concert grade as well as the opportunity to make the grade up for full credit. Grades will reflect any missed portions until a note, email, or phone call is submitted by the parent.

NISD and Byron Nelson HS grading guidelines for late and missing assignments has been updated. Please be sure to reference/read the student code of conduct for updated grading policy on late and missing work.