Summer Opportunities 2020

Summer 2020 Secondary School Academics

Please note that due to COVID19, changes have been made to Secondary Summer School and Learning Opportunities. All Secondary Summer School and Learning Opportunities will take place online in a self-paced learning environment. 

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High School Summer Learning Flyer

High School Original Credit

High school students (students who have completed 8th grade) who want to accelerate their learning can do so by taking online courses for original credit through a web- based curriculum. All work is online with the student working independently in a self-paced format.  Students are expected to complete online work on a regular basis within the web-based program. Online learning courses do not meet NCAA standards and may not be appropriate for all learners. Please see your counselor for more information.

Per district grading guidelines, grades in original credit are awarded a numeric grade and will be factored in the student’s GPA. Students need to meet with their counselor to verify the course is needed and that it will be accepted as credit towards a student’s graduation plan.

High School Credit Recovery

Students who have failed a semester course are able to make up this class by successful completion of the course. The course is online, self-paced, with teachers who closely monitor student progress and assist students as needed. Grades in summer school will be awarded in the form of a P or F. For further information on promotion, retention, and credit see the Secondary Grading Guidelines located on the NISD website.

Students will be allowed to enroll in additional semester courses once they have completed a course and if time allows

Please click on the following link to sing up for High School Credit Recovery and or Original Credit.
Cost: Free
Dates - All courses must be completed for credit by July 30th.

Your school counselor is the best resource for summer school questions.

Texas Computer Science Summer Camps
Hosted by the University of Texas at Austin