Attendance Codes

Northwest ISD Attendance Codes

A Unexcused Absence - Includes a full/partial day absence for personal reasons/business 

EXA Excused Absence – an absence (A) that has been reviewed and approved by a campus administrator or a student is sick per parent documentation

COC Co-curricular activity – Student is present at on-campus school activity.

DEP Student Is present in DAEP.

EC Extra-curricular activity – Student is present at off-campus school activity.

DMV Department of Motor Vehicles - A student may be count present with documentation of obtaining learner permit or driver license.

INC Student is incarcerated

ISS Student present in In-School-Suspension

MA  Full day medical absence with doctor note

MP Medical present – Student was absent part of the day & supplied medical note for that day 

OSS Out of School Suspension

PRE Present – replaces an incorrect absence code or for pursuing enlistment in armed forces.

REL Religious Holy Day

RUN Runaway

TRU Truant – student skips school or class

CRT Court - Student was required to attend court and there is documented, written, proof of that requirement from the court or judge

T Tardy to school or class without medical note

IHE Institute of Higher Education visit

TAP Sounding TAPS at a military honors funeral held in Texas for a deceased veteran