Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's for Byron Nelson High School

  1. Why is it special to be a Byron Nelson Bobcat?
    Winners are different. They are a different breed of cat. ~Byron Nelson 

  2. When did Byron Nelson HS open?
    August 2009

  3. Who was the school named after?
    Byron Nelson Golf's Finest Gentleman. Look on the Byron Nelson High School website for more information and a biography on this different breed of cat.

  4. Where is spirit wear  available?
    Spirit wear will be available at the NISD Spirit Shop, BNHS spirit shop in the student union. Go Bobcats!
  5. Who can be involved in PTSA?
    Parents, students and faculty, as well as community members may join PTSA. BNHS encourages everyone to join and be a part of creating the culture and climate of the school.