AP Exam Day Information

Instructions For Students Taking AP Exams

Morning Exams: Morning exams will begin promptly at 8:00 AM, and all students should report to their testing room by 7:30 AM (general instructions will begin before 8:00). You will eat lunch after your exam. Students who arrive after the exam start time will not be able to enter the testing room.

Afternoon Exams: Afternoon exams will begin approximately at 12:00 PM. Students should report to their testing room no later than 11:45 AM. Students who arrive after the exam start time will not be able to enter the testing room.

If you have a morning and afternoon exam on the same day, you are strongly encouraged to bring a lunch that may be eaten between exams.  

The following are general instructions for taking all AP Exams.
Most AP exams will take place in the Competition Gym or Lecture Hall.

Bring the following items to your exam:

  • School ID/Picture ID is required.

  • Several sharpened #2 pencils with erasers.

  • Black or dark blue ballpoint pens for free response questions in most exams.

  • A wrist watch. You are responsible for pacing yourself during the exam.

  • Approved calculators: Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Statistics. Check with teacher on this!

  • Bring a sweatshirt or jacket, in case the room is cool. Dress in layers in case it is warm.

Items not Allowed:

  • Pagers, cell phones, electronic devices of ANY kind. (Turn off and place in backpack or purse)

  • Food or drink items are NOT allowed. You may leave them in the supervised hallway.

  • Watches that beep.

  • Highlighters, dictionaries, correction fluid or scratch paper.

Cell phones and electronic devices should be kept at home.

This will help assist with test security and a more efficient testing administration.

There will be areas for students to place their personal items prior to the exam; however, it is preferred for large groups to leave personal belongings and devices in a secured classroom. Students taking afternoon exams, who have after school jobs, appointments or any other activities, need to inform their employers that they may be testing until 5 p.m. You may not leave the testing room before the allotted time is up, even if you have finished. All testing materials must be collected and counted before dismissal from the testing room. If there is a conflict with your exam(s), please contact Maggie Norris at mnorris@nisdtx.org.