Who We Are

The award winning Byron Nelson High School Colorguard is under the direction of Kristine Silva and Kevin Lopez. Colorguard members will learn and demonstrate an understanding of  dance and movement skills, along with equipment (rifle, flag, and sabre), and performance techniques. We strive to motivate and encourage our members to be the best versions of themselves at all times while representing Byron Nelson High School to the highest regards in everything we do.

During the summer and fall, the colorguard program works and performs alongside the Byron Nelson Marching Band. Combined with the winds and percussion, colorguard members execute the storytelling using equipment and movement choreography that enhances the overall visual aspect of the marching band show. During the winter and spring the program transitions into Winterguard, where members create and perform a program indoors to a pre-recorded track. This allows the group to expand their technical and performance based skills even further. All colorguard members are enrolled in the class year round, and will be required to audition for each competitive season. 

Auditions for the competitive marching team will be held at the beginning of band camp following our June and July camps. Auditions for the competitive winter team will be held following the end of fall rehearsals (typically November). Any current or incoming BNHS students interested are invited to participate.

 Colorguard members earn both a fine arts and P.E credit. Additionally, they are given the opportunity to earn a letterman jacket and travel with the band in the Spring. The group has frequented locations like San Antonio, Branson and Disney World. These experiences all aid in the creation of lifelong friendships and memories each member walks away with following their time with the BNHSCG.


Any questions regarding the Byron Nelson High School Colorguard program should be directed to Mrs. Kristine Silva.