Class of 2019 Scholarship Opportunities

Check back frequently - We will continue to add scholarships as we get them throughout the year.

Some other databases for scholarships are listed below. Most of these will have you fill out a profile and then it will send you emails with scholarships that match your profile. You might want to open a new email account specifically for these scholarship data bases. That way your personal email is not flooded with these scholarship emails and when you are done with the search you can delete that email account. Also remember you should not pay for any scholarships or scholarship searches.

E-Scholarships USA (scholarship search) Click Here Please see a counselor for username and password

College Net Click Here 

Fastweb Click Here

High Five Scholarship  Click Here

Tuition Funding Sources Click Here

Wired Scholar Click Here

Scholarship Search Click Here

Free College Scholarships and

Financial Aid Information Click here

The American Legion Click Here

College Board Opportunity Scholarship Click Here

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The Northwest ISD Education Foundation (NEF) is proud to award the NEF Encouraging Excellence Scholarship annually to help ensure graduating seniors continue their path to success, even after they leave the district. In addition, the foundation partners with businesses, local organizations and individuals to support students through unique scholarship and endowment opportunities.  

To date, NEF has funded more than $500,000 in scholarships!

Thank you for your interest in the Northwest ISD Education Foundation 2019 Scholarship Applications! 

The application is open to all graduating seniors in Northwest ISD who plan to enroll in an accredited institution in the summer or fall of 2019. Accredited institutions include private or community college, private or public universities, and vocational or trade school. 

Applications open Friday, February 1, 2019! Click Here for the application

Applications must be submitted, along with completed references, no later than midnight on April 1, 2019. Applicants will be asked to provide contact information for an academic reference, a community server/employer reference and a general reference.


Northwest ISD Council of PTAs Scholarship Application & Information


Application deadline: March 25, 2019
Click here for application

Lakeview PTA Scholarship 
Application deadline: March 25, 2019
Click here for application

Tri-County EC Scholarship Program


Application Deadline: March 1, 2019

Fort Worth A&M Club
Residents of Tarrant County who will be incoming freshman at Texas A&M University in the fall of 2019 qualify. 
Application deadline: March 29, 2019

Texas Interscholastic League Foundation

Seniors-must compete at the state level in an UIL academic contest AND plan to attend a Texas college or university

Applications accepted March 1st, 2019 to May 10th, 2019

Ford Driving Dreams Scholarship
 Available online at Pick up an information sheet in the BNHS Counseling Office. (2) $2,000 scholarships for BNHS graduating seniors who have completed the application, uploaded all supporting documentation, & met the eligibility criteria (GPA 3.0+ on 4.0 scale, SAT 1050+ or ACT 20+). Applicants must be attending a 2 yr. or 4 yr. accredited college or university fall 2019. Applications are due 2/21/19.

Trophy Club Women’s Club 2019 Scholarship 
Applicants must be a BNHS senior who is a current Trophy Club resident & meet other criteria stated on the application under eligibility. Applications are due 2/28/19.

 2019 Barbara West Memorial Scholarship (through Trophy Club Women’s Club)
This scholarship is awarded to graduating seniors in culinary, horticulture, or the hospitality program who continue these studies at an accredited institution of higher learning. Application deadline is 2/28/19.

Metroport Rotary Club Scholarship 
Available to 2019 graduating seniors who demonstrate academic achievement, financial need, & involvement in extra-curricular activities/community service/other activities. Application are due 3/1/19.

Fort Worth Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship
Available in the BNHS Counseling Office or at:>foundation>scholarships. Application packets must be mailed/postmarked by 3/1/19 or delivered to the Fort Worth Scottish Rite office by 3/1/19.

Gerald Kendrick Memorial Scholarship 
(2) $1,500 scholarships will be awarded. Applications are due 3/15/19 by emailed to: or mailed to the Pounders Law Firm in Dallas prior to 3/15/19. 

Beck Elementary PTA Scholarship
Applicants must be a Samuel Beck Elementary alum; GPA 3.0+ on 4.0 scale; & a full time college, university, or trade school student for 2019-20. Applications are due 3/25/19.

Medlin Middle School PTA Scholarship
Applicants must have attended Medlin Middle School at least 1 semester, must join the BNHS PTSA by 2/28/19, & be a 2019 BNHS graduating senior. Applications are due in the BNHS Counseling Office by 4 PM 3/25/19. 2019_MedlinPTA_scholarship_App.pdf

Delta Public Service Foundation of Denton County Scholarships
2 separate applications (1) for students strong in volunteer involvement & (1) for students who have overcome an obstacle in life. Multiple scholarships available for each; scholarships range from $500 to $1500+. BNHS is in Denton County, therefore BNHS graduating seniors are eligible to apply. Please see the application for additional eligibility requirements. Completed applications must be emailed to by 3/18/19.

Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery Scholarship
Please contact your local dentist & see if he/she recommends Northern Texas Facial & Oral Surgery for procedures like wisdom teeth removal; if so, you are eligible to apply. Application packets are in the BNHS Counseling Office & are due by 4 PM on 3/28/19.

Kay Granger Elementary PTA Scholarship
Applicants must be alumni of Kay Granger Elementary. Applications & all supporting documents are to be submitted by email to by 4 PM 4/1/19. 

Clara Love Elementary PTA Scholarship 
Applicants must have attended Clara Love Elementary School & be a current member of the BNHS PTSA. Applications are due in the BNHS Counseling Office by 4 PM 4/4/19.

Gene Pike Middle School PTA Scholarship
Applicants must have attended Gene Pike Middle School at least 1 semester & be a member of the BNHS PTSA (by 3/31/19). Applications are due in the BNHS Counseling Office by 4 PM on 4/5/19

Truett Wilson Middle School PTA Scholarship
Applicants must have attended Truett Wilson Middle School & graduate 2019 from an NISD high school. Check application for other criteria. $500 scholarship award. Submit apps. to: by 4/12/19.

Roanoke Elementary PTA Scholarship
Applicants must have attended Roanoke Elementary & be a member of the BNHS PTSA. Applications are due in the BNHS Counseling Office by 4 PM on 4/12/19.

Abbott and Fenner Scholarship An information sheet is available in the BNHS Counseling Office. The deadline is 6/14/19.

BigSun Scholarship
Information is available at  $500/scholarship; multiple offered. Applicant requirement: athletic participation as a player, coach, or official. Applications are due by 6/19/19.

Haslet Elementary PTA
$500 scholarship to a 2019 graduating senior that has attended Haslet Elementary.
The deadline to submit the application and supporting documents is Friday April 5th @ 12:00PM. 
Nance Elementary PTA Scholarship
Nance Elementary PTA Senior Scholarship Application.docx

Kay Granger PTA Scholarship
KGE PTA Scholarship Application 2018-19.pdf

Raise.Me -

What is it? is a platform that helps 9-12 grade students prepare for college by earning scholarships for their achievements in high school. Over 150 colleges and universities have partnered with, and award micro-scholarships for both academics and extracurricular activities. Click here for more information

Click here for an informational video