Databases for Students

TexQuest Databases:
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TexQuest offers the following databases:
Gale Academic OneFile
Gale Chilton Library
Gale eBooks
Gale Informe Academico
Gale Opposing Viewpoints 
Gale News
Gale Environmental Studies
Gale Literature
Gale Health and Wellness
Gale Lit Finder
Gale Scribner Writer Series
Gale High School
Gale Twyane's Author Series
Gale Science
Britannica Enciclopedia Moderna
Britannica High School
Britannica Escolar
Learn 360
Teaching Books
ESBSCO eBooks High School
Learning Express
ProQuest SIRS

Gale in Context: Biography

Ferguson's Career Guidance Center

Sora eBooks & Audiobooks
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     Dallas Morning News 
     Fort Worth Star Telegram 

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Noodle Tools
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Destiny Follett Library Catalog Book search:

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By Content:

Literature Databases
*Gale Literary Sources-Literary content integrates with subject indexing for a full research experience
* and author resources

High School Gale in Context-magazines, news, multimedia and more
*Middle School Gale in Context-academic articles, images, topic selections, and more
*Opposing Viewpoints in Context-Gale-continuously updated information and opinions that cover hot issues
*Biography-Gale in Context-biographical information on contemporary and historical influential people
*High School OneFile-Gale-magazines, journals, newspapers, and reference books targeting a student audience that cover a wide range of classroom subjects
*Academic OneFile-Gale-complete source for peer-reviewed scholarly articles across all academic disciplines
*General OneFile-Gale-magazines, news, and journal articles on general interest topics and current events
*Britannica School-digital encyclopedia
*EBSCO sBooks-nonfiction eBooks
*Gale eBooks-enjoy unlimited access to top reference eBooks

*Health and Wellness-Gale-health-focused magazines, reference, video, and more
*Science in Context-Gale-academic articles, videos, experiments, and more
*Environmental Studies-Gale-multimedia coverage of environmental issues, including health care and climate change

Spanish Databases (Base de datos en espanol)
*Britannica Moderna-enciclopedia en espanol
*Informe!-una coleccion de revistas hispnicas con textos completos

Speciality Databases
*Learn 360-over 153,000 multimedia resources-including full length videos, video clips, images, audio titles, articles, activities, worksheets, interactives, and Spanish-language content-on any Internet-enabled device
*Chilton's-Gale-auto repair manuals for almost all vehicles
*Ferguson's Career Guidance Center-comprehensive career information 
*Learning Express-Prep Step-test prep for SAT, ACT, AP tests, ASVAB, plus career info
*DuoLingo-Choose among 32 different language you can learn



Formato EBSCO clásico con capacidades y conveniencia de EBSCO clásico, todo en español
Formato EBSCO clásico con capacidades y conveniencia de EBSCO clásico, todo en español