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Byron Nelson High School Bass Fishing team reels in a trip to state

Good things come to those who bait.

For the second year in a row, the Byron Nelson High School Bass Fishing team has advanced to the Texas High School Bass Association State Championships.

After a successful showing at Regionals, seven fishermen will have the opportunity to compete for more than $65,000 of scholarships and prizes. Three hundred and twenty-five boats will be in the water at the state event held on Belton Lake May 14 and 15.

“Competing at state opens up new opportunities for myself and my fishing partner,” said sophomore angler Pierson Fojtasek. “At the state tournament, we will have the ability to win scholarships and the opportunity to catch the attention of many different colleges that could elevate my contribution to the sport to the next level.”

Founded by the students at Byron Nelson High School in 2019, interest in the bass fishing team has grown exponentially. Anglers in the club learn how to study lakes, master the different patterns of fish and utilize a variety of different rods and lures. Tournaments usually begin early in the mornings, rain or shine. Fishing details are learned and tested, expanding the students’ knowledge past the simple understanding of how to cast a rod into the water.

“I enjoy being on the fishing team because it allows me to be a part of something fun and competitive outside of school that still gets the credit and support of the school,” Fojtasek continued. “The fishing team attracts the people in your school that you most relate with and brings us all together.”

The two-day state championship event will begin after an official practice date on May 13. Byron Nelson will be represented by three partner teams and one individual team consisting of:

Ethan Assante and Corey Yarish 

Josh Blount and Rhys Henry

Pierson Fojtasek and Joe Zimmerman

Alex Mudd 

“This program is very special to me,” said angler and team President Corey Yarish. “It allows us to fish more at a competitive level. Going to state and fishing the THSBA tournaments is a huge accomplishment and gives back opportunities for our futures.” 

To learn more about the Texas High School Bass Association State Championships, please visit their website. Updates from the Byron Nelson High School Bass Fishing team can be found on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.