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Verification of Enrollment


procedure to request a Verification of Enrollment

How a BNHS student must request a VOE:

1)   Bring your BNHS Student ID with you to your assistant principal's office to verbally request a VOE before school, during your lunch period, or after school:

Students with last names: Gri - O, speak with Cyndi Huizenga, AC119.

Students with last names: Che - Gre & P - Sl, speak with Nadine Bain, AC221.

Students with last names: A - Cha & Sm - Z, speak with Crystal Thompson, AC324. 

2)   You will need to sign the VOE form.

3)   Take the VOE home for a parent/guardian to sign it.

A VOE is valid 30 days from the date the AP or AP's secretary signs the form.

Student's Last Name AP Office Location
A - Cha AC324
Che - Gre AC221
Gri - La AC119
Le - O AC119
P - Sl AC221
Sm - Z AC324