ACP Program

Byron Nelson High School ACP Program

ACP Lab Rules:

  • Be on TIME

  • No Food or Drinks in the Lab

  • Be courteous to your classmates

  • No cursing or disrespect to your teachers or classmates

"Winners Are A Different Breed of Cat"

"Believe You Can Do Something and You're Halfway There"

Theodore Roosevelt

ACP or Alternative Coaching Program is a program designed to help students succeed to the maximum level possible.  ACP is an Internet based program that lets students gain credit that they need in order to graduate.  If you do not gain credit in class during a semester that you are attending Byron Nelson you and your counselor will have a meeting to decide if ACP would we the correct route to gain your credit that you are missing. 

Lab Open: During class periods. If a students needs to work before or after school, please make arrangements with classroom teachers.


Classroom Supplies:

Spiral notebooks, pen or pencil for assignments and note taking.

Ear buds or headphones for audio portion of Plato program.

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