Bell Schedule


2018 - 2019 Bell Schedules 

As of Monday, October 29th, 2018, we will going to one bell schedule.  The students will now have the opportunity to attend tutorials on Tuesday and Thursday 

PACK Time Bell Schedule

Fall Semester Exam Schedule Dec 17-20, 2018

Final Exams Testing Week

● Absolutely No Final Exams are given early. Students with a scheduling conflict during final exams week must see their Assistant Principal to schedule their final exams in January. Once approved, the teacher and student will agree on a time and location during the week after Holiday Break.
Missed semester exams shall be recorded as a "0" and should be made up within a one (1) week period upon student return by appointment with:

    ○ The teacher before or after school, T- F returning from the Holiday break

    ○ Monday during Staff PD day in the ISS room

    ○ Campus testing center, T-F during lunch, returning from the Holiday break

    ○ EOC: Tuesday - Friday returning from the Holiday break

Makeups will take place outside of the instructional class period. In extenuating circumstances, exceptions to this timeline may be granted by principal approval only. Exams that are not completed within 1 week returning to school, will be recorded as 0 and grade calculated, unless AP approval for extenuating circumstances.

● We are in a Testing Environment for the entire week. Intense focus on student success on all final exams. We want all students to do their best!

● Our goal is for all students to finish strong and focus on academic success.

● No students in the hallway or passes to other classes during exams. Students must wait until passing period.

● No students in the hallway during all class periods. Students must report to all class periods and stay the entire time (especially during 3rd, 4th, & 5th periods).

● All students are expected to take a final exam. The only students that have an option to exempt final exams are A) Students who took a STAAR EOC in the course, and B) Students who took an AP exam in their course. If a student is in a STAAR tested course or AP course and does not take the STAAR/AP exam, they will take their final exam.

● During non-exam periods, a productive learning environment is expected by focusing on Bell-to-Bell instruction and intense focus on student success.

● Students who took an EOC exam and/or AP exam for a specific course must report for their final exam class period.

    o Suggestion: Students present to the class 2 minutes on their Digital ePortfolio.

    o Student Presentations.

● All students must report to their Final Exam class, regardless if they are exempt or not, for attendance purposes.