Membership Process

All HOSA members must compete in ONE event to be a member. 

Here are the event dates. Be sure you are available to compete.

  • Online testing events - 12/11/18, 12/12/18 or 12/13/18 at BNHS after school

  • Area: Jan. 25 - 26, 2019 Fort Worth, TX

  • State: March 28 - 30, 2019 San Antonio, TX

  • Nationals: Jun 19 - 22, 2019 Orlando, FL

Step 1 - Being your exploration of what events may be the right fit using this flow chart.

Step 2 - Research the events that you are interested in!

**READ ALL the guidelines and know what is expected of you!**
You may have a pretest, pre reading, or even supplies you have to provide!
Some events have pre-test that you must be ready for in December.
Other events you have until Feb. to prepare.
You are responsible for knowing your event! 

Step 3 - Complete  HOSA Registration BEFORE the deadline 10/19/18.
You are asked to select the top 3 events. We will do our best to place everyone in their top event. You will know the first week of Nov. what event you are competing in.

Step 4 - Pay your HOSA  $30 Membership Dues before the deadline 10/19/18.
Online Payment Link
You may also pay Cash or Check (made out to HOSA) to the librarian during lunch.