Dress Code

Official HOSA Dress Code Policy

· HOSA uniform (see below)


· Black or navy blue suit with a white shirt(the white shirt can be the member’s choice)

· Closed-toe blue or black shoes (hose optional)

· Male members MUST wear a tie.

· Female members may choose to wear knee-length skirt or slacks.

Student delegates not adhering to the above dress policy for all general sessions at the NLC will NOT be admitted.

HOSA Uniform Policy:

· Tailored navy blazer with emblem affixed over the heart.

· Shirt/blouse for females (white tailored or short-sleeve white jewel neck shell

· Shirt for males—white closed-neck, man-tailored dress shirt, suitable for use with a tie

· Accent for female members - maroon HOSA scarf or tie is optional but not required

· Accent for male officers - navy or maroon long tie

· Matching navy slacks for males and matching navy slacks or skirts for females

· Closed-toe blue or black shoes (hose optional)

Competitive Event’s Dress Attire:

Delegates must adhere to the dress Code as specified in the individual competitive event guidelines for the orientation and event in which they are competing. Bonus points will be given according to the individual guidelines.

For all competitive events, five (5) bonus points will be added once per competitor and/or team to the tally sheet for appropriate dress. In team events, all team members must be properly dressed to receive the bonus points.

Exceptions are as noted in the event guidelines.

School tags, state badges or ID's must be removed or completely covered during competition.

Official HOSA Casual Dress Attire:

Appropriate dress for official social functions in conjunction with the NLC will include everything EXCEPT: tank tops, halter tops, extremely short shorts or skirts and cut-offs. (Shirt straps must be two inches wide and the length of shorts and skirts must be at minimum to the fingertip.)