Concert Attire

Concert Uniforms

Concert attire for orchestra performances is tuxedo for boys, and full length gowns for girls.  There will be  other performance opportunities where an alternate dress code for that particular concert may be necessary.  We will communicate an alternate dress code in advance.  Rule of thumb...concerts are performed in tux and gown.

What will we provide:


It is YOUR responsibility to care for and maintain it throughout the year.  


GOWN - After each performance, it should be taken to the cleaners and dry-cleaned.  DO NOT WASH OR TUMBLE DRY THE GOWN.

 TUX - After each performance, it should be taken to the cleaners and dry-cleaned.  DO NOT WASH OR TUMBLE DRY THE GOWN.

Any student who does not return the gown or tux by an announced date at the end of the year will have an “unclear record” form submitted to the office and will be unable to register for the next semester until this obligation is met.  PARENTS:  Please be cautious when performing “home repairs” to hems, cuffs, sleeves, seams, etc.  These uniforms cost a lot of money and we don’t get money to repair damaged uniforms.


Black concert shoes, preferably with a closed toe. 
Black socks/hosiery
Guys...will need to provide their own wing-tip collared shirt (just say no to french cuff).  These shirts can be purchased from numerous sources.  See below for a picture example of what is needed:
                                         Image result for wing tip collar tuxedo shirt

For tuxedo shirts...not studs or cuff links are necessary.  Jewelry, while nice, is not appropriate for concert performances.  Only stud earrings or jewelry that is director approved will be allowed on stage.  Hair bows/buns/scrunchies/etc.. should be the color black.  We want the focus to be on the "string" and not on the "bling!"