Students in Orchestra will need the following items for class everyday:

  1. Instrument
  2. Rosin
  3. Cleaning Cloth
  4. Rubber Tourte Mute
  5. Pencil
  6. One inch, black, three ring binder with sheet protectors.

Bell's Music Shop will be making weekly visits to offer supplies for students to purchase throughout the year.  However, there are many options to receive supplies.  Please see the list of area vendors below.

       Bell's Music Shop -
       Dallas Strings -
       Music and Arts -
       Wayne Burak and Assoc. - 
       William Harris Lee - 
       Young Musicians -

If you do not have an instrument or would like to upgrade:

Select two or three of the above and either pick up an instrument or have them ship one to you.  Both Mrs. Shapley and I will want to help you "test drive" the instrument before you purchase it.  We feel it is part of our responsibility as educators to you to help with this process, if you would like our assistance.