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Student Council

Congratulations to the BNHS 2022-2023 Elected Student Officers!

Student Body Officers

President - Ryder Fine

Vice President - Morgan Carrick

Communications and Connections - Abbi Springfield

Secretary - Kaci Rodgers

Treasurer - Deepshika Vancha

Historian - Madeline Schultz

Parliamentarian - Genesis Ibarra

Community Service - Yune Lee

Homecoming and Socials - Lily Turner

Student and Staff Appreciation - Kayleigh Heizer

Pride and Patriotism - Kathy Le and McKenna Sefcik

Energy and Environment - Brandon Spacco

Drug, Alcohol, Safety, and Health Awareness - Nicki Sum

Fundraising - Jessica Runyambo

Class of 2023

President - Parker Chettri

Vice President - Anoushika Singh

Secretary - Matty Mosana

Treasurer - Josh Tran

Historian - Jasmine Rojas

Parliamentarian - Liliana Lenzer

Representatives - Danielle Amoako, Luchiano Fernando, Sebastian Kravutske, Nayon Lee, Rachel Raper, and Jackson Tibbitts

Class of 2024

President - Jyotsana Lamsal

Vice President - Sarah Kim

Secretary - McKenzie Nguyen

Historian - Alexandra Rice

Treasurer - Tina Nguyen

Parliamentarian - Grace Klawetter

Representatives - Kohen Anderson, Nikunj Gupta, Kaitlyn Lin, Varsha Muthukrishnan, and Skylar Revell

Class of 2025

President - McKenna Campbell

Vice President - Katherine Rohrer

Secretary - Isabell Quintero

Treasurer - Phoebe Fullenkamp

Historian - Ainsley Doyle

Parliamentarian - Isabella Grosso

Representatives - Lokitha Ananth, Charity Conner, Kali Korthas, Hyunseo Nam, Garrett Owen, and Makayla Tarvin


Scholarship Opportunity!

If you were involved with the planning and implementation of the 2021-2022 blood drives or if you are a believer in the many reason why it is important to donate blood, we have four $750 scholarships that we will award to four Byron Nelson students. Complete this short application by April 25th HERE!